We specialize in stamped concrete and decorative concrete finishes.

Stamped Concrete is a system of coloring and imprinting standard concrete with specialty materials and patterns.

This concrete stamping unique process creates beautiful, durable, concrete finishes for around the same cost as conventional alternative paving systems. Professional concrete stamping offers an affluent look at an affordable price with unlimited color and design capabilities. It provides superior durability and requires little maintenance.


Many concrete stamp patterns available


Krete provides stamped and custom-finished concrete flatwork. You can choose from several options, including gray concrete, colored concrete, and stamped concrete which can be applied to driveways, patios, walkways, and more.

The advantages to using decorative concrete in your next project may include: lower cost, customize look and design, excellent functionality, superior versatility and durability, and also allows for other unique ideas to be added to the design element.

Our decorative concrete finishes are very popular on concrete patios, concrete floors, concrete furniture, concrete pool surrounds, concrete countertops, walkways, pathways, vertical concrete walls, and more. Because of the transformation from dull grey concrete to beautiful decorative elements, decorative concrete has emerged as a top choice for many.

Concrete stamping in Kansas City is often referred to as imprinted or patterned concrete. It is one of the most original decorative concrete methods you can implement into a freshly placed ordinary concrete slab. Stamped concrete patterns are available in a large selection of patterns and accurately mimic stone, tile, rock, brick, slate, flagstone, and even realistic wood planks. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from, which can be done in conjunction with other applications such as acid staining, exposed aggregate, etc.

With new technology, there are also products that can be used inside to overlay and stamp interior floors, thus creating a natural stone pattern within your home or business. Because of its versatility, concrete allows for a perfect canvas to create a look and feel of a high-end material while maintaining a unique, natural feel.


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